Equipment Financial Services

You need to get and retain talent and your employees need a financial plan that guarantees their long-term economic well-being.

If your employees aren’t sure of their financial situation, it’s hard for them to be productive at work, happy at home, and ready for retirement.

Our financial solutions will help you:

  • Create strong and talented teams
  • Define the best retirement plan for your employees, be it a 401k Plan, Roth 401k, IRA account, 403b Plan, 457b Plan, 106 Plan and many more options.
  • Designing a retirement savings plan and the best way to manage retirement funds
  • Accompany each employee with their personal finances, savings plan, budget and financial goals
  • Strengthen the corporate responsibility of your company
  • Reduce financial stress on your workforce

We remain focused on proactively engaging your workforce to ensure they can save for retirement, invest age-appropriately, and plan to fulfill their life’s purpose, whatever it may be.

We are your trusted financier

What is Financial Elements?

Financial Elements is a financial wellness solution for employees, powered by people and amplified by technology.

It is a form of financial education, in which complex financial concepts are explained through simplified elements. In this way, education is increased, corporate finances and the financial health of employees are optimized.

If you’re interested in creating lasting financial change for your employees and growing your business by improving the overall financial health of every employee, we can help.

Through education and engagement, we will give employees the support and tools they need to:

  • Prepare a budget
  • Improve your credit score
  • Create college savings plans
  • Manage your student loans
  • Protect your home
  • Establish a “debt management plan”
  • Invest wisely

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